I really want to RP a Hybrid!Blaine or a runaway!Blaine. I have too many wants.

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You there… Freeze! You’re under arrest for being so nice and cute. Copy this message to 10 other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. Keep the game going and make others feel beautiful ❤ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


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I’m not quite sure why 250 tumblr users now follow me. The red pandas? The resources? Me? Who knows. What I do know is I’ve got a whole list of people who  I think are the bees knees, and instead of telling them that straight up I’m gonna make a list with all their URLs.







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So I have not a clue how to start a follow forever. But this IS because i finally reached 200 followers on this blog. So as something that i know people 1. love and 2. enjoy, i figured before a do a FC pack (still debating if its going to be for) I would do my follow forever. 

to the people who put up with me on a daily basics
felicitysmoakingrps  cherhorowitzrps  ellingtonrps  hobrienofrp
to the people who light up my dash and you're all kinda cool - or i wouldn't be following you
wildelynnrps  fyeahgh seltalksrp tposeofrp thirly-talks curtmegarps rikerlynchrps kittyhudsonrps sugarbabiesrps c4mwrites zlfie chanelservice greithrps kingkurthummelrps falloutboyrps rockitlikerockyrps lydiamartinrps thelovelyfrittersrps dellyrps puckrps rejectofrp natdormerwrites charlielubeckrps kyder-rph saralancerps  breeroleplays mercedesjonesrps breezybaconrps nickduvalrps maybewewerefireproof rossrps ryderlynn-rps lambertrps blainterrps harmonyroleplays finnsrps lopez-teller diannasrps samtinasrph anselelgortrps danyrps loca-motta-rps puckerone-rps santanasrp quinnierps blaineandersonhelps kittysrp fincheltanarps sethcohenrps bramrps uniquesrp dairroleplays achele-gleerph katgrahamrph rphelper diannasroleplays cassieofrph wildeberryatyourservice little-js-roleplays ♥ summercohenrps littlelengiesrps redpandarps sebklainterhelps brittanyunicornrph blaineandersonrps sprayberryrps northrps alphafemalerps tobintitrps sashafiercerps daenerysx watchingsantanasrp rbberryrps maliasrps seanofrp broadwaybaby-rps fabrayroleplays troutyrps wildebrayrps watchingquinnsrps hazzasofrp emiliaofrps bbyofrp dylanstilinskirp poseysrp cherylrps ddlovatosrps stallisonrps blindbeardrps marvelroleplays thesimplecomplication evansyhelp sugarsuggests rikurtwrites lordtubbingtonrph belleblakehelps zoeyrph hummelrps quinnlenarps corahalesrp cheerioquinnrps aphroditesrp puckermansrp porcelainwrites artiesrph lydiamrps shanehelps watchingartincedesrps seblaincheletterps gleelookalikes teenlesbiansrph sammyrp salgronhelps airanasgrande stjamesrps obrienswrites ryderps aprilrhodesrps crisscolferrph tcchelps blainesrph blaincheltanarps sebastianrpc quickhelps 
and to my 200th follower, thank you.
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au: one day during his and Kurt’s long and unnecessary break up,  Blaine Anderson wakes up to find he’s in a bed with his ex-boyfriend’s twin- Carson- who’s been falling for him pretty hard. Needless to say, Kurt and Blaine get back together and even get engaged, leaving Carson with only wistful gazes and a fractured heart. While both boys try to comfort him and show him the rest of the fish the sea has to offer, he stumbles right into the perfect one. 

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um why you tagging it with that shit you have no proof it's me. ??

You just gave yourself away by saying you have no proof it’s me. Duh.

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hey fuck face (is this the meme or are you just a fuck face bitch? We may never know ((it's obvs the latter duh)))

Josie. You’re so nice to me.

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If I’m your tumblr crush send me a “hey fuck face”
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